Our commitment to the environment involves using fully sustainable materials

TOPCRISTAL has as first premise to protect the environment, we are very concerned and we work on it every day. Preserve our environment, the planet where we live, is something that includes everyone, thanks to our joint work we will get a cleaner and care world.

The GLASS is a sustainable natural product made from simple materials extracted close to its manufacturing areas. In addition, it is highly recyclable material. Its components are fully renevable raw materials, which reduce the risks of depleting existing resources.

In our production, all our glass that are not valid in our manufacturing processes, are classified according to the material to be later sent to recovery facilities and recycling of glass plants, so you might as well re-integrated into ecological processes to develop new products and start the cycle again. In turn, we care about optimize the material we use through systems that increase the use of the product, so that the residual material is removed to the greatest extent possible.

Use GLASS at home in all its aspects is a smart way to protect our most valuable asset: the world where you and I live.

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