Glass kitchen splashback

Redecorate your kitchen with a modern touch without having to make major reforms. You'll love your kitchen!

Do you need to change your kitchen splashback?

Why not choose a more modern and hygienic option?


At TopCristal we are custom-made glass manufacturers, just fill out the form below explaining the type of glass you want, and we’ll send your personal budget.

You can choose the shape, thickness, size, finish, design etc. Along with the form you will find some data that can help you or answer any questions about your order.


Personalized budget:
Glass kitchen splashback

    Customized to your liking your glass kitchen splashback Be sure to fill in all fields and press "send" button, we will send the budget as soon as possible to email you specify, thank you.




    Product information:


    *Size (cm):

    *Colour glass:

    Just in case you chosen customize colour, type in the box below the chosen RAL code from the letter:


    *Select glass design that you like and choose the colours you prefer (see designs) (ver diseños):

    Just in case you chosen customized design, load the file here with the design you want for your glass (1 colour, maximum size 4Mb, PDF o JPG).

    Colour letters or illustration:
      Just in case you have chosen the customized colour, type in the box below the chosen RAL code from the letter: 

    Background colour:
      Just in case you have chosen customized colour, type in the box below the chosen RAL code from the letter: 

    Choose the accessories that you need and we will include you to fix it on the wall:
    Special siliconeDouble-sided tape (1m linear)Glue gun

    Any other comment you want to add, concerns or issues to keep in mind, you can send it to us in the following text field:

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    We do not want to bore you but neither deceive…

    – EDGESS
    All of our products include polished edges.

    The glass kitchen splashback is made with 6 mm thickness and in this case it has to be tempered by the proximity of the hob, as this can support more temperature than a normal glass.

    We can customize your glass with any of our designs, or if you prefer, with one that you send to us. If you choose a customized design should be an illustration or text to one single colour, the highest resolution possible, you should send in PDF or JPG format.

    Our designs:

    In all our designs as in the coloured glass we do not work with vinyl because of its poor performance(peel off the corners, the joints is raised …).

    Every day we try to improve the quality of our products, so all our glass are treated with a special resin adherent on the opposite side, so for that make the glass continue maintain its important characteristic: the brightness. This resin is resistant even outdoors and also our garden can enjoy our designs.

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