Glass table top

Create your own custom-made table, without having to invest in great designers. "The best designer, you".

Need to change the glass on a table?

Want to make your own customized table?


At Topcristal we are custom-made glass manufacturers, just fill out the form below explaining the type of glass you want, and we’ll send you your personalized budget.

You can choose the shape, thickness, size, finish, design etc… With the form you’ll find some data that can help you or answer any questions about your order.


Personalized budget:
Glass table top

    Customize to your liking the glass table top for your table! Be sure to fill in all fields and when you finish then press the "send" button, we will send you the budget as soon as possible to the email you specify, thank you.




    Product information:


    *Size (cm):


    Safety glass: (info)

    *Glass colour:

    Just in case you have chosen customized colour, type in the box below the chosen RAL code from the letter:


    Select the type of corners that you prefer for the glass:

    If choosing radius corners, the standard radius to the curvature of the corners is 5 mm, if you want a different radius introduced in the box below the size in millimeters (print sample radios to help you if you don’t know what you need): 


    *Select glass design that you like and choose the colours you prefer (see designs):

    Just in case you have chosen customized design, load the file here with the design you want for your glass (1 colour, maximum size 4MB, PDF or JPG).

    Colour letters or illustration:
      Just in case you have chosen customized colour, type in the box below the chosen RAL code from the letter: 

    Backgroud colour:
      Just in case you have chosen customized colour, type in the box below the chosen RAL code from the letter: 

    Any other comments you want to add, concerns or issues to keep in mind, you can send it to us in the following text field:

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    We do not want to bore you but neither deceive…

    – EDGES
    All of our products include polished edges.

    1- FLOAT glass:
    Basic glass.

    Advantages: affordable, can be re-manufacturing, ie in case you want to take advantage of the material for other utility can be recut.
    Desadvantages: less resistance than tempered glass.

    2- LAMINATED glass (safety):

    Two glass joined by a sheet of transparent polyvinyl butyral.

    Advantages: in case of breakage, no glass rest will come off the ground. You can return to manufacture, if you want to take advantage of the material for other utility it can be recut.

    Desadvantages: same resistance as a normal glass.

    3- TEMPERED glass (safety):

    A glass subjected to a heating process of 600 degrees passing rapidly to cool the surface in order to increase the hardness.

    Advantages: increased resistance to frontal impact.
    Desadvantages: You can not manufacture there is no possibility to cut again. Production time. It is usually the confusion of being an unbreakable glass but in the edges are as fragile as a normal glass.




    The minimum thickness that we offer for glass intended for table tops is 8 mm, is sufficient thickness, but logically greater thickness and greater strength will bear more weight.


    We can customize your glass with any of our designs, or if you prefer, with one that you send to us. If you choose a customized design should be an illustration or text to one single colour, the highest resolution possible, you should send in PDF or JPG format.

    Our designs:

    In all our designs as in the coloured glass we do not work with vinyl because of its poor performance (peel off the corners, the joints is raised …).

    Every day we try to improve the quality of our products, so all our glass are treated with a special resin adherent on the opposite side, so for that make the glass continue maintain its important characteristic: the brightness. This resin is resistant even outdoors and also our garden can enjoy our designs.

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