From TOPCRISTAL and thanks to the collaboration of GUARDIAN INDUSTRIES we leave an explanning video to enlighten you about how glass is manufactured.

Glass consists of 75% silica sand, the remaining 25% would consist of recyclable soda and limestone material. All these raw materials are fed into a furnace for smelting to 1600 ºC, this furnace continues its activity in the 365 days a year.

Once melted, the liquid glass is introduced into a pool of tin at a temperature of 1100C. Because the glass has a lower density than tin, it continues the process floating on it. Thanks to this pool and tin a perfect flatness to not deform the view through the glass is achieved.

At this temperature, the glass has high elasticity; allowing side rollers open or close the amount of material. This feature makes the glass have varying thickness.

When the glass go out of the pool of tin has a temperature of 600 ° C and must be cooled slowly and under control then passes through the area of laser inspection in order to examine possible defects. Subsequently, we proceed to cut large panels and the storage of material.

Now you know a little bit more about the glass.

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